A Case for Civilian Assault Weapons

Tuesday, November 30 1999 @ 08:31 AM EST

Contributed by: tbayne

Due to recent mass murders involving “assault weapons” the current administration is pushing hard for more “gun control”, most notably a ban/limit on what they call “assault weapons”.

Let’s get something straight: generally speaking civilians don’t own “assault weapons”. It’s more than just a bit difficult to procure fully automatic weapons. And it takes more than a quick phone call from your local gun shop to the FBI to clear you to actually own a real “assault weapon”. So what we are really talking about is firearms that LOOK like the assault weapons from which they were derived, and can, potentially, rock the higher capacity magazines of their full auto brethren. But they are not REALLY assault weapons. They are not capable of full auto. They require 1 trigger press for each bullet fired. And the l

So why in the world would any “civilian” want or need to own such a thing? Well for one thing, our founding fathers put the 2nd amendment into the constitution for a reason. That reason had nothing to do with hunting or any sort of sporting event. In my opinion it was to limit the ability of the government to oppress the people. By preserving and guaranteeing, not granting, the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, our founding fathers attempted to insure that the government could not grow as powerful as to become tyrannical in nature.

Do you understand? The idea was to keep the government from taking too much control. In the words of Thomas Jefferson; “No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”.

All forms of government tyranny are held in check by a well-armed populace.

So why should civilians have assault type weapons? Because there may come a day in which the great bully of a government ever needs a damn bloody nose. It’s easy to ride rough-shod over those that lack the ability to truly fight back. Not so much when they have the means with which to do substantial damage in return.

A well-armed populace scares the hell out of politicians. Especially those that believe that it’s the government’s “right” to control the people. Especially those that think they have been given permission to bend and break the constitution at every turn. The corrupt and dishonest among them fear armed civilians even more. News flash: We are supposed to scare the hell out of them, and our founding fathers wanted it that way.
If guns are so awful, and have no place in our society, then why do the members of congress, the gun-grabbers, and even the left wing press employ armed guards to protect themselves?

Oh and if you are one of those who believe it’s the governments job to take care of you, to provide for you, to keep you safe, let me ask you this: How does it feel to sell your soul for a loaf of bread?

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