The Snake

The snake the snake has gotten a bad rap over the years The humble boa constricter spends it's entire life looking for a hug - what could be less evil?

The rattlesnake is similarly misunderstood...

When you're out in the woods and stumble upon this upstanding reptillian citizen he is likely out just to collect food for his starving family - he means you no harm - and any damage done to you should be forgiven for he is nothing more than a product of oppression inflicted upon his ancestors - so he should not be held accountable. When not out bringing home the bacon, our reptilian friend is likely trying to deliver his college grant application - maybe hoping to be accepted into a thumb twiddling program. The fact that he doesn't have thumbs should not be taken into consideration - it is after all not his fault. Who knows? He may go on to persue an advanced degree. He may one day be the next high profile lawyer for ACLU (Animal Civil Liberties Union) - he already has the prerequisite forked tongue. He would then spend his time trying to enact laws and policies which are completely devoid of common sense. He could also serve his fellows by defending less fortunate snakes whom have taken the lives of others but should be forgiven because they grew up without a silver spoon in their mouth.

Or maybe you should just shoot the damn thing if it attempts to bite you - but should you choose this course of action it is recommended that you remove the head.- just to be sure the snake is dead and can't bring a lawsuit against you for a wrongful shooting - it was after all just defending itself when it tried to strike at you from under that rocky out cropping....


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