I've got a new gadget! A K9-UMAK from Inaura

Two weeks ago the FedEx truck pulled up to my house and dropped off a new device from the wonderful folks at Inaura.

What I received was the new K9 UMAK (Ultra Mobile Authentication Key).

The device is the next step in the evolution of the Blackdog/K9 series of ultra-small, uber-cool, linux devices from the folks at Inaura.

The case is a CNC machined and anodized aluminum piece of goodness. It feels very right in the hand. The shape is more organic than the original K9 and from an ergonomic standpoint it's much easier to position the thumb in the "right" spot time after time.

A few of the differences between UMAK and the K9:

  • Functional (but not enabled by default) TPM
  • Color OLED (Current software still displays B&W images)
  • A ton of software changes, and a real distribution (Olmec) that makes updates a snap.

Front and Back

A photo comparison of the original Blackdog, the K9, and the brand new K9 UMAK

Note that the UMAKs come in various colors. I've been told that I will eventually get a black one as well. (Those who know me understand, those who don't? You can probably figure it out).

You will note that the UMAK is slightly smaller all the way around than the K9, and slightly thinner too:

A photo comparison of the devices on edge

UMAK on top of the first generation K9 device, notice it's smaller.

Watch this space for more pictures and UMAK related articles as I explore the device and it's capabilities further.

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