George Thorogood Concert at Turning Stone Casino

Last night we saw George Thorogood ..... And what a show it was.

The venue was great. It was in the casino's show room. Seating was at tables, with beverage service available (No alcohol - the casino doesn't have a liquor license). It was also a non-smoking venue - which made it more pleasant for us.

Tables are arranged on stadium like tiers. We were ten or twelve foot from the stage, about twenty degrees left of center at the front of our table (which seated 10).

This turned out to be a great vantage point from which to watch the show - and a show it truly was. Lonesome George is a adept showman.

I've been told by many that George Thorogood is must see event. And now I agree.

Is he getting older? Yes? Has he lost his spark? Not a chance. He seemed a bit stiff a first, but quickly warmed up. No one in crowd was disappointed.

He played for ninety minutes straight without a break - going from one song to another, once in a while grabbing a quick drink of something in between.

Make no mistake, this man can play a guitar. He doesn't just play it. He wields it. Like a carpenter wielding a hammer or an ancient warrior a sword. It's his tool of choice and they are old friends.

"The Destroyers" (his backup band) were supreme talents themselves. Great sax and guitar licks, and solid drums.

A standing ovation and cries for an encore brought them back onto the stage for one last song... "Madison Blues". Too quickly it was over.

One little note. At the table to our left was a father and son (who looked to be 12ish). It was the boys first concert. After the encore George stepped off the stage, onto one of the tables and lifted the boy up (the boy looked a bit confused by this at the time!). Pictures were taken and a memory founded. Bragging rights at school for years to come.

If Mr. Thorogood ever visits your area - you should go.

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