A week in Alabama

I have just recently returned from a week long vacation in northern Alabama.... You might ask, if you didn't know better; "What's in northern Alabama that might be worth the trip?" So here is a quick run down on what I did during a 6 day stay:

I-Max Movie at the Space and Rocket Center (Harry Potter in I-Max format - what's not to like?)

Huntsville Museum of Art:
  • An incredible display of armor on loan from the Higgins Armory Museum (spanning 2000 years of arms and armor)

  • A Silver Menagerie: The Betty Grisham Collection of Buccellati Silver Animals (This stuff was incredible - to fashion fur, each silver wire was manually welded to the frame/skeleton)

  • Woodie Long: Folk Art Jambalaya (simply beautiful!)
Barber Motorcycle Museum

  • If you like motorcycles (if you don't what the hell are you doing reading my pages?!?) then this is a must visit destination.

  • Five spotless floors of motorcycles, with a few Lotus race cars thrown in.

  • And yes, they do have several Vincents on display.

Birmingham Zoo Many things recommend this zoo, but above all one thing stood out... the animals were in the best shape I have ever seen in any zoo - any where, including the National Zoo in DC. Elusive Cats, some baby alligators, and some very active snake specimens round out the collection. Worth the time.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens is a large sprawling oasis of all things growing. Plan on spending several hours just wandering - peaceful and serene. They also have an entire section for kids - very well done.

When your traveling you have to eat. Some of my favorites were:

Sonic (why are there NO Sonic's in NY?) Surin of Madison - Fine Thai Dining Tim's Cajun Kitchen - Best kept secret in Huntsville. Just plain yummy. Try the alligator tail! Greenbriar BBQ - Near the local Harley Dealership.

Now with all of that you might think I exhausted the possibilities. Didn't really even scratch the surface. Many state parks are within two hours drive from Huntsville. I've been told that I should visit Dismal Canyons - it's on my list for next time.

I know from previous experience that Little River Canyon, the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and DeSoto State Park have a lot to offer.

Finally, the visit gave me a chance to catch up with friends, which, when you come down to it, makes any trip worthwhile. So maybe, if you visit, you should try and make a few. Folks in the south are nice. They are friendly. They talk different than most, but it grows on ya.

To those of you who I had a chance to see - thank you for taking the time. For those I missed - next time!

Six days wasn't nearly enough. I will be back!

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