Democratic Idiocy

RantsDemocratic members of the house and senate appear to bigger pansies than I ever imagined....
Since gaining the majority the democrats in the house and senate seemed focused on punishing the president and executive branch. What they don't seem to want to do is solve any problems. They won’t fund our men and women currently serving overseas without attaching a bunch of conditions and funding for needless pet projects. They do this in the name of "Saving the lives of troops".

It would be nice, if just once, they actually paid attention to what the deployed troops have to say. Of course Mom and Dad are going to say "bring them home". But if you ask the troops on the ground, the ones in harm’s way - you hear a different story. They want to finish the job they started.

Since when did we as Americans lose the stomach for a fight? Have we become such cowards that we can’t finish what we start when things get tough? Are we now to be known as a nation of quitters?

What message does it send to future generations if we pull out before we finish the job? We are telling our children that it is ok to quit if the task gets tough. Is that really the message we want to leave behind? I don’t think so.

Do we want the rest of the world to have historical proof that we back down when the going gets tough? If we pull out of Iraq without securing the peace and without helping the people of Iraq establish a working, stable government then that is the message we send to the rest of the world. We will be relegating the United States to the role of a tiger with no teeth and no intestinal fortitude to make the hard choices.

Does someone actually believe that pulling out of Iraq will put the US in a stronger position on the world stage? THINK! What message would backing down in Iraq send to Iran? *Shudder*

Make no mistake about it, pulling out of Iraq before the job is done is the easy way out; the coward’s way out; the wrong way out.

Do I want more American men and women to die in Iraq? No I do not. So let us make sure that not one single life is lost due to lack of funding, lack of equipment, or lack of manpower. Send enough troops to do the job – give them every technological and military advantage that the war machine of this nation can provide. Let them overwhelm the enemy with technical and tactical superiority. Give them the tools they need to finish the job. Then when the job is done, bring them home and greet them as heroes – for they are indeed the best of us.

Maybe we should consider choosing elected officials who have no experience with "big government" and instead on the basis of personal integrity and courage. Elect Hillary Clinton for president? That, dear readers, is a very scary thought – didn’t we get a belly full of that mess with her Husband as president?

I am pretty sure that NO ONE in the administration appointed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an ambassador to Syria – what the hell is wrong with these idiots? Now we’re entering into non-official negotiations with a foreign government who sponsors terrorism?

Are you listening Nancy Pelosi? NO ONE elected you to go to Syria. Why don’t you try doing your job for a change instead of scrabbling with all your cronies for an additional 15 minutes of fame?

Our constitution was designed to prevent this from happening…. 3 branches of the government. Have your forgotten to which one you belong?


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