Backup of Blackdog Knowledge Base Wiki

As of late the knowledge base/wiki has been up and down - A LOT. Rather than complain, and being that Realm is down to about 8 people right now, I thought I would solve the problem. First the download links:

What I did:

  1. Installed a local copy of the Confluence Wiki Software (Super easy install - it just worked) with a personal use license.

  2. Did the cut and paste shuffle to copy over each page of the existing WIKI to my personal wiki. I have "edit" access so was able to copy all the markups intact.

  3. Made local copies of most of the attachments - and added a few (like the MPSCON and firmware image files).

The result?

I now have a completely working copy of the knowledge base independent of the one Realm provided.

Note: I did not copy any of the look and feel stuff.

I have exported the BDK "Space" to a zipped XML file with attachments, which is suitable for use as a "restore"/import file if you want to set up your own copy of confluence. This file is 185MB.

I have also exported the whole BDK space as a PDF file which is a reasonable size for emailing (493K unzipped).

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