Wayne County NY Historical Society and Museum

On March 19th the Wayne County Historical Society and Museum in NY had thier annual Spring Gala event. I had the privilege to attend. This year's event was a double celebration - it coincided with the renovations and re-opening of the Museum after being closed for several months.

A quick side note for those of you who don't recognize the woman in the pictures below... Lia is the very lovely woman who has been keeping me well entertained these many months (you didn't think I was making all those trips to NY for the weather did you?). She works at the museum as the Educational Coordinator (among other things).

The festivities started the night before with a Champagne Reception for the volunteers who had donated time or money (and in many cases both) to the renovations of the museum.

One of the coolest exhibits (in my opinion) is a walk-in sized Camera Obscura.

You walk into a large cabinet (see the photo below), draw the drape/door closed, and if it is daytime (even on cloudy days) you can use the provided magnifying glass to focus and image from the window onto the backdrop.

The following evening, a formal (black tie), catered, event was held in the ballroom of a local hotel. Fine food, good music and great fun was had by all.

The final event of the evening was the auctioning off of numerous "baskets" - the proceeds of which all went to the museum. How much would you spend for a basket filled with forty or so pounds of chocolate? It went for about $100.00 (ask me how I know!). Other baskets included tickets to local events, wines, garden stuff, and many others.

Now while most of you will never get to Wayne County NY, let alone the village of Lyons... if you do - stop in and have a look around. The Museum itself is situated in the old jail - the cells are still there and many of the drawings done by the prisoners are still intact. Oh and if you still believe Columbus got here first - check out the Norse spearhead that was found nearby.

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