Equality of the Sexes

Bah! Humbug Equality of the sexes, what a silly notion. Men and women are not equal, not physically, not mentally, not emotionally. Period. Am I saying men are superior? Nope. Am I saying women are superior? Nope. Are we equal? Not a chance. Both sexes, in general have their good and bad points. This is not to say that a man cannot excel in an area that is generally considered to be feminine in nature, nor is that to say that a woman cannot excel in an area that is generally considered to be masculine.

Folks today want equality, preach equality, demand equality - *censormode* that. You get what you earn, if you don't earn it you don't get it. A woman wears a short dress to work, because she thinks it makes her legs look nice, and she gets noticed by male co-workers - guess what - if she didn't want them to notice she had nice legs, then maybe - just maybe she should not have shown them off. If she shows them off with a short skirt, then she has no right to complain if someone mentions that she or her legs look nice. On the other hand if your a lecherous lout and spend the day staring and trying to look up her skirt, then maybe you need your ass kicked for being a jackass. No one needs to put up with that kind of crap.

Women and men are different, so enjoy the difference, behave with some class and dignity and treat each other with respect. If you do this then maybe, just maybe, we can get back to the business of doing business instead of worrying if we are being treated "fairly".

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