Driving - Motorcycles

RantsMotorcycles are Vehicles Too!!!

And they enjoy all the rights and privilages of cars while on public roadways. What does this mean?

  • They have a right to use the entire lane just like a car. You may not try and push them out of the lane just because you made a mistake and ended up in the wrong lane. Some of us take real offense to this kind of shit and have been known to put dents in fenders with well placed kicks.
  • "I didnt see him/her/it" is not an excuse. Watch where the hell you are going and pay attention. Twice in the last year I have barely avoided being another piece of road kill because of inattentive drivers - WAKE THE FUCK UP!!.
  • If you look me in the eyes and pull out in front of me anyway - causing me to brake hard and/or make dangerous manuevers just because you are in too big a hurry to wait - you can bet Im gonna follow you to wherever you are going and give you a piece of my mind - and you deserve it, asshole.


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