Driving - Turn Signals

Use your damn turn signals people! Why do you think they put turn signals in cars? Just so you have something to play with when your bored? Nope. They put them there so that you can signal your intent to other drivers. Learn to use them! Nothing pisses me off worse than some idiot in a cage changing lanes in front of me without looking and without signaling? Is it so damn hard to put down the *censormode* cell phone or the lipstick and use your turn signal? I don't think so.

Whats worse? The asshole who turns his signal on after he has changed lanes. What? You want us to know, that you know, how to work the complicated turn signal device, but because your special the rules of the road don't apply to you? Oh your special all right. Come on - this is basic driving skill stuff - hell even most 16 year olds manage to get this right.
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