Thoughts On Life

Just some ramblings on my idea of the 'right' way to do things.
  • Strive to live life with honor. Develop a code to live by, and then have the courage and the intestinal fortitude to follow that code.

  • Strive to be honest and truthful, first with yourself then with the world.

  • Forgive yourself when you make a mistake and step outside your own boundries of judgement and ethics. But by all means learn from your mistakes - do not repeat them.

  • Never, ever, betray a confidence, no matter how badly you feel you must.

  • In relationships determine what things you can live with, and what things chew at you and eat you alive - I've seen too many friends who though they love each other have no business together - they are toxic to each other. They live in a constant state of low level aggravation - no one needs to live that way - ever.

  • Have faith - People can change - but it doesnt happen overnight, and they NEVER change for someone else - they have to do it for themselves, nothing else ever works.

  • Never, ever let anyone walk on you. Stand up for what you believe is right and true.

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